2 Day Be Fit

STOP putting off until tomorrow what you can do 2day!

2daybefit offers personalized comprehensive fitness and wellness plans and provokes you to challenge yourself physically and mentally. Our brigade of experienced trainers and nutritionist will team up with you to design an effective program that fits your needs. We emphasize functional training to help correct any imbalances and asymmetrical difference you may have.

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Mary J Circut Routine.

Mary J. Blige is gracing the cover of SHAPE Magazine this month and the 42-year-old diva has a lot to be proud of.


Daily 30 minute Functional Circuit

Perform each exercise for 1 minute with very little to no rest in between. Repeat the circuit two more times.

- Prisoner Squats
- Renegade Push-ups (5 lb's)
- YTA's (2 lb's or Tennis Ball)
- Single Arm Rows
- Standing Dumbbell Shoulder press
- Walking Lunges
Cool Down - Foam Rolling or Stretching (5mins)

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